When the holiday seasons arrive, the kids are usually the attention center and fun source in a family. While for us, adults, holiday seasons can be stressful as there are so many things to arrange. The play room for the kids, the dinner for a large and generous family and the gifts for every family member are the 3 main thing we have to prepare for a Christmas season. Probably for many adults, choosing gifts is the biggest headache as we want to choose a unique and meaningful gift for our loved ones. Especially for kids, a unique and meaningful gift can help them with their development and the connections between families. Here I have put together a list of unique and meaningful gift ideas for kids. Continue to read below, you will thank yourself for stopping by this blog post.

1.    RC toys


Ditch those small little helicopter, cars airplane models, and get bigger ones. Bigger RC toys make kids move more and encourage their gross motor skills. A big RC car that a kid can sit in will motivate him/her to drive it out in the backyard every day, and that is something small toys can’t achieve. Find your local RC hobby shop and get the kids something different!


2.    Subscriptions

There are many interesting subscription services. Subscription like receiving a surprise box in his/her inbox that contains different toys of different themes each month. Because what is in the box is different each month, it makes children look forward to receiving it every month. There are different kinds, you can choose depending on the child’s interest.


3.    Classes

What do the children like? Soccer, music or ballet? It is a great idea to pay for the child’s interested class instead of buying him/her toy gift. The classes will not only offer the opportunity for them to do something they really like, but being good at something is beneficial for children’s self-esteem.


4.    Membership

Buy them a membership of rock climbing, martial art or Muay Thai sessions! It is a great way to get them to exercise and stay healthy. Encourage them to go to those exercise when they are subscribed, and make sure a family member will go with them and join them, such as grandma or grandpa. It is a fantastic way to improve the connections between the children and elders in the family.

Admission Ticket

Is there any sport matches in town soon? If he/she is a sports fan, such as football, cricket, basketball or WrestleMania fan, you should buy 2 tickets for the child and the person he/she really gets along with in the family. So both of them can go watch an exciting match and have a great time! If she/he is a pop star fan, a concert ticket of her/his favorite pop star would make him/her so excited, and she/he is going to love this gift so much.


5 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Kids