Birthday surprise

Your children are your babies and treasures. They give your life another purpose. Their birthday makes you emotional and you want to throw your child a perfect birthday without swiping the bank. We have got you covered! Here we have the best tips for an amazing kid’s birthday party that is not going to break the bank. Continue to read below.



birthday gifts1.    Timing Is the Key

If you want to save money on a full meal for every guests, the best time for a kid’s birthday is from 2pm to 5 pm. A party in the afternoon after lunch and before dinner can save you the costs for a full meal.


2.    Stretch Your Planning

Start planning early. That will give you time and room to compare the prices and prevents you from buying overpriced items that you have forgotten at the last minute. One of the best way to save money is to be on the sale hunt for party items all year around, and grab it while on sale.


3.    Go Digital

Our technology is so advanced today that you can completely ditch the paper invitations. That is another aspect you can save money on. It also saves you and your guests’ time if you send out a free electronic invitation. Another bonus of electronic invitation is there are thousands of styles you can choose from, and you can even make your own!


birthday cake4.    Double Up

On lookout if your kid’s birthday falls close to a buddy’s. If so, a dual birthday can save you cost by splitting the cost with the other child’s parents as well as responsibilities. You just need to make sure each birthday boy/girl get their birthday cake. You can consider getting a personalized cake made and include relevant elements of both of the kids.


5.    Tap Your Network

To make the birthday party more unique, make use of your personal connections and community resources. For example, ask your friend who is a police officer to come to a birthday party in uniform for your kid who wants to be a police officer. Your kid will be surprised and amazed by seeing a real police officer.


6.    Opt Out

If your kid is still too little to remember the unique and amazing party you throw for him/her, why not think about skipping a traditional birthday party altogether? Instead you can think about celebrating the birthday with a picnic.


dress up7.    Order Online

I am not suggesting this because it is prices are lower online. It is not always the case, the prices are not always better if you shop online. There is an effect if you shop online—you make more sensible purchase decision when you shop online, and it can prevent impulse purchase.


Dress Up Your Plain Supplies

Be creative and think of ways to make your plain supplies unique and special, it only costs half as much as decorated supplies. Great way to cut down the budget.


8 Tips For an Amazing Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget