blog for mom and child

blog for mom and childThis blog website started as a more personal digital journal about my precious little Libby so I can share and connect with all the mothers out there. It was initially a place where I can share my thoughts and experiences to the cyberspace hoping others can benefit from them. It has been a huge success and I’ve enjoyed every single post as it grows into something more than what it was.


Nowadays, I cover so many more topics apart from caring for my baby daughter and everything else kid-related. Nevertheless, I make sure that whatever it is, it will touch and appeal to the ‘practical’ in everyone of my readers. I imagine if they’re anything like me, they’d be notorious researchers and Googlers before making decisions or taking risks. After all, mothers know best – and this might as well be why.


Don’t let ‘mothers’ be a discouragement though, everyone is welcome to have a read and browse through these webpages. Go ahead and send me your feedback, comments, questions – even violent reactions (easy on this last one though) through the contact page.


Enjoy and share 🙂

– Libby’s mom