In this day and age there is so much emphasis on the importance of using the internet to gain a following of loyal customers, openly marketing to those potential customers who might have a use for your products or services. . There’s not an industry in the world that doesn’t use some form of marketing or advertising, from big to small, from pipe fitters to the world’s largest energy conglomerates. They all use some form of online advertising to acquire leads and boost sales, while at the same time reinforcing their brand awareness. However, all too often there is too much emphasis on the online awareness and marketing which, in turn may cause you to neglect your local or indeed your offline marketing, thus potentially isolating those potential customers from using your products or services. This is certainly truer for some industries as opposed to others such as a retail outlets or a local building contractor that only trades within a certain area.

However most business owners have the wrong perception of what offline marketing entails and it is actually these days far more of a broad and diverse field than it once was. At one stage the most useful offline marketing advice was to ensure you had a few newspaper adverts and were listed in your local directory books, which used to work very well until the days of online directories and search engines. However, now there are far more imaginative and creative ways of capturing the attention of your offline focused customers. In this article we will go through a few helpful ways you can do this.

Your brand and how it speaks to customers

The very last thing that your local market that are maybe less inclined to research a service provider or product is the exact same thing that they are hearing from their competitors as they will be far less likely to be outright attracted to you as opposed to them. And if these businesses are already well established with a reliable client base then you will find that their promotional efforts will always trump yours. So it’s essential that your branding gives the impression that your business offers is unique to you alone, either in your approach to what you offer, to how you deal with clients and customers or even on how personal your service is to individual customers.

So to avoid becoming just another number that is passed over in the phonebook you will have to center your branding on what makes you special as a business. Try presenting your businesses persona as something unusual or unlike any other provider of your service. This works particularly well for the more mundane and less interesting or complicated services, take tax accounting. If you center all of your promotional efforts on how skilled you are at balancing books and writing up tax reports your just going to sound like every other tax accountant in your area,. Whereas if you present yourself as the locally orientated, family tax accountants, maybe with a mascot that is targeted towards the whole family, such an animal. They won’t remember the exact process you used to compile their tax report but they will remember the mascot.

Promotional products

Another great way to influence your local market is to invest in some customized and branded promotional items in order to help your customers to associate your name with not only something that they own and in some ways are a part of but that they associate your name with the service or products that you as a company own. They are particularly great if you choose an item with some kind of practical application attached to it as every time they use it they will have to look at the name and branding of your company further reinforcing the brand awareness. We all have that one branded coffee cup in the kitchen at work, nobody’s quite sure who it belongs to but every time you open that cupboard then you are confronted with the name, logo and colour scheme of the printing companies that gave it to that person.

The kinds of things that can be customized and used as promotion are endless, from coffee cups, to pens and pencils and other stationary even to wearable items like bags and t-shirts can be named up and will give you a leading edge in getting your name out there using corporate promotional products.

How to appeal to local and offline customers
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