Having my precious Libby is nothing but a gift. Seeing her grow every single day is just what a mother is being about. However, it is definitely a demanding and full time role so I have a tendency to neglect some other less priority tasks from time to time. 

I am very confident that I can safely assume you’re already awesome at being a mom. I am not biased, but I’m sure your children are – try asking them what they think. However, I reckon we can all agree that when you have a toddler in the house with a cabinet full of toys, maintaining a house that’s spick and span is most likely impossible. Oh and don’t get me started with meal times! So how do you juggle these things in your busy life as a super mom? Hear me out… 

Hiring a professional cleaning service was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. They are good at what they do and they do it in a timely matter. They come on time and always leave my house tidy and my tables shiny. One of the biggest pluses of hiring a professional service is how I can trust them with my valuables. I have heard of horror stories about how some of my friends hired “freelance house cleaners” who got their vases broken and some valuables stolen!  

It is VERY important to get your help from a reliable company that ensures if anything goes wrong you are fully covered. The best services will also refund you or replace any cleaner who does not meet your standard. Each staff have been thoroughly background checked to make sure they do not have a shady past or have done anything illegal.  

Companies that offer quality residential cleaning services also have the right equipment to make your home spotless. They know exactly what, where and when to use them. The ladies I have encountered were very friendly, trustworthy and they do a superb job in keeping my house tidy. 

Some companies offer you the convenience of booking and paying online. I personally love this as I am never far away from my phone. I like to schedule my cleaning days a week in advance on a regular basis. Most companies offer a lower rate when you are a recurring client. Anything that can be done online is an advantage for both the client and the company. We are able to see which slots are still available without making a phone call and what time is convenient for us for the cleaner to come. 

I would much rather hire people to clean my house while I take care of Libby than hiring a nanny to take care of her and do the cleaning myself. You know the obvious reasons. 


How to be an awesome Mum whilst keeping the house clean