Now we are in no way saying that selling your home is easy, by all accounts it’s probably one of the most complicated and stressful things that you can choose to do, once upon a time it was far easier to do, people would only really be looking for what everyone in the area wanted and all of it was handled by an agent, and the expectations that needed to be set and legal requirements that were required to be fulfilled were also much less complex then they are today. With the rise of social media and marketing in general, as well as the tightening and expanding of property laws, this is no longer the case and this is what has made this process so complicated.

So then it’s no wonder that the stress of meeting all of these demands can have a negative toll on people that go through this veritable treadmill and it’s inevitable that things will slip the mind and be forgotten or not considered carefully enough. After all, your mind and attention will feel like there are a thousand of different things happening at once and it will take a great deal of patience and concentration to get all these things organized in a linear way in order for you to get through rather than simply forgetting them. So in this article we hope to offer a few helpful pointers on what mistakes people commonly make when selling.

Not using an agent

While it may seem like that your agent is doing is showing a few strangers around your house and making small talk about the fixtures and fittings and while this is just one of the things that they do, they may be doing a lot more behind the scenes to earn that 6% that they are asking for. After all they are the ones who will be arranging all of your marketing, sourcing of potential buyers and they also should be handling all negotiations by liaising with the potential buyers and/or their agent on things like price and terms. This takes a lot of the stress and complications of this process off of you and gives you time to deal with other more pressing issues.

However, if you really want to get the best offer for your home you will have to do your research on the agent that you are planning on using and make sure that they are not only reliable and trustworthy but also have a good history of attaining higher than average offers for previous clients. These days it’s very easy to find this information as people will often leave a review of services and products they use and real estate is not different. A reputable and experienced agent will also have the correct contacts and knowledge of the local market to help build accurate expectations and position the advertisings and listings in the right places in order to get the interest rolling in.

Staging and organization

It doesn’t matter how nice your home looks to yourself, if you don’t stage and clean your home properly in time for both the various different marketing photographs for both online and printed listings and for the various different brochures that you may be having made up and also the viewings that in most cases will be arranged by your agent. Making sure that your home is presentable, de-cluttered and open to the potential buyers will make your home far more appealing and much more likely to command a higher first offer. Indeed this is probably the most common reason that people do not get the offers that they were initially hoping for and if your home is particularly unorganized and cluttered it can actually be a barrier to getting an offer at all.

That’s why it’s so important that you get this done. You can do it yourself, however, the more sensible option would be to get your house professionally staged, although this is more expensive. A professional home stager will come to your house and help you identify both pieces of furniture and decorations that make your home appear small, messy or unorganized and will help you in moving these items around and even removing them, to create and open and inviting look.

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Common mistakes made when people sell their house
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