It’s a terrible feeling to lose somebody close to you, and for a very long time it may be hard to actually accept that they are gone and all that you have left of them are some material possessions and the memories of them that you will cherish forever. And while some memories are reserved for you and you alone, the memory of them as a person is something that even people who didn’t know them can relate too. After all wouldn’t we all like to be remembered by passersby who stop to think about who you might have been in life? And to wonder what happened to turn you from a living breathing person into just a memory enshrined in a memorial.

Well the traditional way that you could honor a loved one’s memory besides the funeral, the headstone and of course, the way that you pass their memories down to the next generation would be to come up with some fitting memorials to them and the things that they did in life. Death often comes as unexpected and we seldom get the chance to celebrate a loved one’s memory properly while they are alive, so let’s look at a few ways that you can immortalize their memory when they pass on.

Tree memorial

This is a great choice for people who loved nature, or maybe were completely barmy about gardening. In any case the symbolic significance of having a living, growing organism coming out of the memory of your loved one can be a very comforting feeling and knowing that their death, did in fact pave the way for another life to flourish. In a lot of cases this is something that a lot of people in life would find a great thought. It also gives you something a little bit less morbid to visit than a graveyard if you were perhaps in the company of younger family members who you wanted to teach about their predecessors.

They are usually smaller, more conservative and decorative trees that are commonly used and the plaque can be placed in a variety of places on the ground, or another particularly in vogue thing is to have the plaque nailed to the tree bark itself and then as time goes on and the tree grows it actually grows partially around the sign as well giving it a very incorporated, natural look.

Bench Memorial

This is one of those ones that we will have all seen and indeed used at some point to relive our aching legs from a long and arduous trip to the seaside, or indeed the park. This is a great selection for somebody who loved walking and exploring and would have frequently needed a place to stop and recharge for a few minuets. Well memorial benches actually serve both of these purposes for the next generation of avid hiker! After all, some people love the idea that their memory will be put to good use by serving the community they loved and also giving a swift reminder of who they were to anyone who happens to study the bench. It’s also a very comforting thought for relatives.

The local authority or council will need to be informed of your plans if you want to put it in a public area. As such you will probably need to purchase the bench off of the council or the same supplier and have the plaque made up yourself and attached. To be submitted for approval.

Memorial Website

This is a slightly new age and revolutionary way of immortalizing a loved one’s memory. Having your own dedicated website in which people can visit, review over different photographs and other memories of the person in question but you also have the option for a feature which allows visitors to leave their own treasured memories of the person for everyone to feel like they are truly united in their grief?

Another great thing is once the website is built the only real maintenance that is needed would be the hosting of the website itself. And the relative low cost of having a website of this simplicity designed and hosting fees paid make it a fairly inexpensive item when compared to a stone memorial or paying the fees for renting a space for your bench memorial.

Different ways that you can honor the memory of a loved one