Private investigators have been rather unhelpfully portrayed in both popular culture and in the media as a whole, they have often been portrayed as roguish, shady individuals who operate in a loosely defined area of the law and sometimes even beyond it. And in reality nothing could be further from the truth and this kind of portrayal only serves to paint private investigators as somehow dishonest or otherwise untrustworthy and also serves to provide misinformation and half truths about the kinds of duties that a private investigator will carry out, or that the job entails a certain dramatic or dangerous element when this is most certainly not the case.

Rather than that their foremost task is information gathering, which can be carried out via a number of different ways. They also can attain certain additional powers of investigation if provided permission by the courts or local authority for your jurisdiction. They can also gain extra powers to carry out their investigations if given permission by the subject in question but their duties are not exactly subterfuge as they are like any other person, bound by the limitations of the law. In this article we hope to dispel some of the unhelpful myths that surround both private investigations as an industry and also the duties that an individual private detective can carry out.

Background checks for new employees

As their workforce increases, business owners may be less able to spend the time researching their candidates employment, education sand personal history sufficiently and they can sometimes employ the services of a private investigator to run a background check on the individual in question to ensure that they do not have any kind of undesirable criminal past, have actually worked in the companies and establishments they claimed they have and have actually attended the schools and other educational institutions that they say they have. This service provides these employees with the confidence and security to hire as they see fit without worrying about the legwork of verifying the information supplied by the candidate.

The way that the private investigator will ascertain the information could be a combination of a few different ,methods but the main one would be hitting the phone to call these various different businesses and schools to talk with somebody who would be able to assist with their enquiry, also they can check public court and police records on a certain individual in some cases dependent on the jurisdiction they are in to check an individual’s past for a certain kind of crime. They can also access things like their public social media accounts and any other information that is in the public domain as well as interviewing the candidate themselves to check for any inconsistencies in their story or explanations.

Building Dispute Resolution

Most of the time, planned building works go down without any major hitches or problems and the customer leaves the process satisfied with the work that was carried out and the contractor leaves with the payment for their work and the satisfaction of another job well done under their belt. But what happens when one or both parties are unhappy with either the work that was carried out or the way that they were reimbursed for their efforts? Well the first step would be to gather as much information as possible from both parties and photograph to work that was carried out prior to any case that would go to small claims court.

Well this is also a service that private investigators offer as it falls under two services that they already offer, they have the necessary licensing from the local authorities to submit information requests with the court to establish whether the alleged negligent work is an isolated case or something far more common with this contractor. The will also photograph the work that was carried out in order to give the courts a clear idea as to the specific grievances that the customer had and the relevant evidences of that are shown by the photographs as well as obviously gathering statements from both parties.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, as you can see by the examples that we offered,  there’s nothing overly exciting about private investigation work and it can often be far more tedious that you would imagine, please click the following link if you require more information about how to find a private investigator in Sydney.

The Duties and services offered by Private Investigators