Over the years, the chances are that your home has been very good for you, providing you and your fledgling family with everything that it need to start off and grow into something amazing and it deserves your gratitude in a way for its service and chances are that over the years, getting your home perfect and “just so” will be a long and grueling ”labor of love” as you spend time thinking about not only what will look great in your home but also what will serve you and your family the best. However there comes a time where, either because of a desire or a need, to move to a house that offers you and your family more than what you have now.

So now comes the task of actually parting with the house that has most probably served you very well up until this point, however, we must always strive for new horizons and sometimes that means saying goodbye, so when we sell our home we are go into strive to get as good of an offer as we can get in terms of money. And there are many different so called, improve quick schemes, that apparently offer the secrets to gaining a higher first offer, however normally improving your prospects of getting an above market value property will heavily rely on the work that you do now, before the sale in order to attain a higher price. But what kind of things should you work on and where should you focus your time and attention the scheme of things? Well hopefully in this article we can provide some answers to these questions and help you come up with a strategy to improve your homes prospects on the open market.

Front yard

Your homes front garden is in a way, its doormat and this will be the very first thing that prospective buyers will be presented with when they come to view your property, so it’s vital, that the exterior of your home and the front garden are in a perfected and manicured state in order to create e the striking first impression on those who consider buying it. Things to do first would be to consider having the front of your home repainted in order to give it a fresh and lively appearance rather than a depressing and glum appearance of peeling paint and weather-beaten colours that there were previously. Also consider either laying some new turf or otherwise improving the health and condition of your fr5ont lawn to get it looking like something out of a 19650’s cereal advertisement.

Another thing that you will want to consider is having a short fence (such as white picket) put up in the front border and to the sides of your yard in order to ”frame “ the lawn and make it appear as doubly striking to those standing opposite your front door.  You will need to consider exactly how much these things will cost you and it can be a great idea to have a budget going in additionally in order to be abler toi factor in things like repair and replacements costs to improve the overall price of your home.

Renovate your bathroom


Your bathroom, whether you realize it p0r not, has always been, and will always be, one of the focal points of the house and a very important room come the day of the viewing As most people will tend to let the bathroom speak volumes in terms of how up to date the previous w\owners have kept it and also to assess how well kept the maintenance work as a whole has been kept over the years, a boring, outdated or disrepair bathroom will give the impression that you do not care for your home and that you have let the rest of the house fall in to the same standard of outdate drepair that the bathrpoom has suffered.

So it may be worth the investment now to get that bathroom renovated and turn it from a shame room into one of the showcase rooms of your property, as so much onus is put on the presentation of the bathroom, even minor works to repair and replace some of the major problems will suffice and help a great deal. Thanks for taking the time to read this article, please click the following link for more information on bathroom renovations.

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