It can sometimes be almost laughable, that is the way that people talk so wistfully of just how they would do their own wedding and what kinds of things that they want to have in order to celebrate their special day, without any real grasp of just how difficult the mere emotional stress of separating from your old family unit into a completely new family.

Let alone the physical and mental stress of actually planning the thing but as you make more and more headway, you will want to bear a good few things in mind as there is most definitely a fair amount more trouble coming your way and planning in order to get your wedding day will help you avoid having as much of that headache as possible. You will find yourself constantly running the most miniscule things that you didn’t had ere even given a second thought before.

This is all perfectly natural and normal in the ways of the wedding, the best advice you can get is too just pay due attention where it is necessary, keep pushing to get through the other side of the work and get the harder more important things like the Dj and venue sorted beforehand. However many couples let’s take a look at a couple a few things that will help you prepare for your big day.


To a lot of people, the thought of walking down the aisle to be given away at the end and confront the person you love with a happy and tearfully joyous expression on your face can sometimes be what the entire wedding comes down to for them.

But equally as important a moment as when the groom first locks eyes with the bride and sees her in her full splendor and beauty is the moment preceding that where the words of loyalty and love are read in front of everybody to attest to their love for one another. Their commitment to care for, protect and be loyal to them and while it may seem that all vows are organic and come from the hearty, they do require pre planning in order to get them right.

Make sure you have a clear and easy to say and remember piece of dialogue which is romantic and charming, but also ensure that if you wish to add anything particularly out of the ordinary or unique it would be a good idea to run this past your priest or ceremony leader, as some things as you can imagine may not be appropriate if the building happens to be a religious or government building like a registrar’s office or church.

Also ensure that you keep it under about three minutes for each person as there’s nothing worse than wanting to see the rest of the ceremony but being held back by the groom going around in a circle talking about love.



A popular trend in recent years has been to have a fun and unique first dance, which traditionally is the point where anybody who is not immediate family or close friend chooses to do one of three thinks, order a drink, go to the bathroom or have a cigarette outside. Well now that is all over as couples around the world come up with eye-catching, imaginative, and sometimes spectacular first dances that really cement their wedding into the minds of their guests forever.

Over recent years, pretty much everything that you could think of has probably been done in a similar way, these can vary wildly from brides surprising grooms, energetic hip hop and modern dance routines to add a real party atmosphere, or sometimes even entire bridesmaids and groomsmen getting involved in the action as backup dancers.

These are amazing and amusing moments that you can always treasure and reminisce with people who are there, and in turn have them reminisce with others about the great time they had at your wedding when you out of nowhere launched into a spectacular dance number seemingly out of nowhere. However executing something like this is no easy feat and it requires time, effort and patience, particularly if the dance is involving either something more complex or involving more than just you and your partner you will probably need lessons, why not check out this link for more information on how to find good wedding dance lessons.


Preparing for your big day