Nowadays for the most part, the emphasis in modern business and marketing is focused a lot on your online presence. Having a well-functioning website that is easy to use for the consumer and which is actively updated with the latest news and offers from your company backed up by a well-planned and set up strategy to increase the amount of traffic, direct leads from people looking for your service and to improve your ranking on search engines. And while no doubt these are powerful tools to help you increase your revenue and gain solid, repeat businesses, a vital part of many businesses rely either on the local market who may need some persuasion to walk through your doors, or to an audience who may not be as tech savvy and online focused, such as the older generations.

In these circumstances a company will need to make sure that they focus on not just the advertisements found on the web but also keep an eye on what they are doing to increase their brand awareness and push their business to locally situated consumers. Unfortunately, most people merely go for the traditional “directories and newspaper or radio advertisements” route to try and entice this local business. However, times have changed and there are so many fresh and exciting ways that you can reach out to your customers without the use of the internet. So let’s take a look at some of the most effective ones.

Hosting an event

congressThe best way to make sure that your business draws potential customers is to host your own event. This way your visitors will be people that interest in your business or industry, not just a passerby. Now, do not forget to hire av technician to assist you with stage setting and ensure the event will flow smoothly. You do not want a microphone to stutter while an emcee speaking right?

Use promotional staff

Do you remember the days when you could walk down the high street and see a multitude of different local business entities all coming together to give out leaflets, hold presentations about the unique features of their products or services and also sample or test the products that the company sells but also to engage with the people who work there and would be providing these services to their customers. Well if you go down the high street today, you will see that this form of promotion is not only alive and well with a renaissance of promotional events in recent years but also that they are very effective in getting their companies’ name into customers heads.

So make sure that if you decide to go down this route that you properly plan what you are going to say, what you are going to focus on promoting and what kind of message about your company that you want passersby to take away at the end of the interaction. A great way to ensure that your message is being put across in the most charismatic and personable way possible is to consider hiring out some professional promotional staff; these are experienced, highly charismatic and talented individuals whose sole job on the day will be to interact with potential customers and convey that all important message in the right way. Make sure when you are looking at promotional agencies that you choose the most experienced and widely applied companies in terms of previous work.


Don’t blend in!

The worst thing that you could possibly do is to sound exactly like every other company offering your service in your area. If your customers are likely to hear the exact same rhetoric from your main competitors then there is nothing that makes you stand out comparatively, so why would you listen to one company over the other? Humans are naturally inclined to filter out unnecessary and repeated information, therefore not only will your company have nothing unique to say, but the customer’s choice in these circumstances will normally be down to price.

After all, there is absolutely zero point in improving your companies branding and optimizing your offline marketing strategy, only to become another voice in the crowd that are directories pages. You need to show your companies worth and unique flare in a way potential customers won’t be expecting. Try to think about the kinds of things your competitors will be doing and try to take a completely different spin whilst learning from their successes. After all if these people do exactly the same thing as you and they have found great success with a particular tactic, why not make it your own and put a personal touch on it whilst still keeping the core strategy the same. A lesson learned is a lesson, regardless of whether it comes from a friend or a business foe.

How to promote your business offline