So it’s official that you’re getting married, you have the rings and some tearful memories that will last a lifetime of the moment that he got engaged to you, but where do you go from there? Well naturally the more important things rarely slip the engaged couple’s minds, the ring, the dress, catering a venue, because all brides are pretty much universally reminded about and expected to have a very special outfit to wear for their big day, grooms are constantly reminded and brought up in a culture of buying a ring (two normally) to signify your engagement and your actual wedding itself and obviously for the most part you’re not going to be able to host it in your living room are you? However with all of the stresses and considerations that needs to be given to these major tasks many a marrying couple have lacked appropriate planning of things that while aren’t strictly essential, are a major part of the day.

For example, many people neglect to adequately select the appropriate kind of furniture or not enough and this can cause there to be a lack of suitable seating or other important items, it’s these kinds of fine detail considerations that often get left to the wayside. However, if you plan well enough it can be easy to create an easy checklist of the things that you have to do with sub notes to make sure that you don’t forget some major element of that particular task. By doing this you will have a clear and well structure idea of what needs to be done moving forward and you will overall be in a better position to execute and plan these things as their priority dictates. However in this article hopefully we can give you a few reminders and pointers about some of the things that sometimes fall to the wayside when you are planning your big day.


While indeed not every wedding has them and they are not a vital element of your wedding like furniture or the venue wherein you will get married, everybody who attends will be expecting you to have put some considerable consideration into how well the flowers that you have selected will work with the rest of the décor and colour scheme that you have chosen for the big day. However in the midst of everything else that has to be considered it often gets approached with an “oh pretty much anything of the same colour will do”. And while flowers of any type that are the same colour will indeed, do, do your really just want to settle for “making do” on the most significant and life changing event of your life? It’s not the best way to start is it?

This, luckily, doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune or put too much effort in, just consult with your florist and show them the designs and plans that you have for your wedding, colour scheme and outfits and they can advise you with the perfect flowers that are not only a flattering shape and structure for different tasks (such as the bride’s bouquet or table flowers) but also with some great colours that while complimenting the colour scheme in general are not necessarily identical and are used for a little contrast to avoid the scene becoming over saturated with a single colour or pattern.


For the most part on your wedding day you will want to leave your beauty and makeup regimen to a professional makeup artist. Purely because they know exactly how to make your face up for both the purposes of being photographed and viewed in a large and bright space and their work can leave you looking natural and beautiful without clashing with the amount of lighting both in the professional shots and in the church or venue itself.

However, makeup artists are not exactly easy to find, especially one who will create the exact look you have in your mind, so it’s important that you not only do some research into the work they have done previously but also that you arrange a trial run at as soon a point in time as possible to run through exactly what you want and for you to make any changes to the plans that she has for your makeup. Make sure that when you have found an artist you like that you book your wedding day with them well in advance as they tend to get booked up fairly quickly. Thanks for reading this article, please click the following link for more information about this Sydney bridal makeup artist.

Small details people often forget on their wedding day
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