As with many things in life, the cleanliness in your home is a fine balance with most people, that balance being between wanting to relax and be comfortable and hygienic in our own home and our procrastination and lack of enthusiasm that most people have towards doing mundane and labor intensive household chores. The latter doesn’t sound very exciting, that’s why more and more people are turning employing a professional cleaners to handle their domestic duties for them to save them time and effort.

But not all companies that you will look into operate in the same way and subsequently the cleaners that are employed by these companies can vary greatly depending on what they value during their selection process with some less scrupulous company’s main concern being the lowest possible price per hour of their time and finding a cleaner that really clicks and understands your requirements can take a little time, so here are some suggestions to help you make the right choices.


As with any service in any possible customer facing industry the main indicator of how a company will treat you as a new customer is to look at how they have previously treated their old customers. After all these people were all new customers at one stage and having since used the service they will be best situated to give an honest and usually trustworthy evaluation of their experience. Once upon a time this could be a difficult and arduous task and many people would simply need to take the company’s word for their professionalism. However it’s not that way anymore and with the advent of the internet, business directory and review sites it’s never been easier to verify a company’s professional claims with real people.

Most companies in today’s world are aware of just how important their previous reputation is and how much what their previous customers say about them can affect their current business and many will not only be able to direct you to where they are reviewed but also be able to provide direct references to clients that have agreed to rate their cleaning service to future clients and if a company is unable or reluctant to do this then this can be a red flag that something is amiss and that maybe you should find a different one to handle your cleaning.

Give the individual cleaner a chance

Most cleaners that are employed wouldn’t be in your house without at least some proof that they are competent in their job. However there may be things that are either missed out deliberately or that are not done to the required standard and this is not always the direct fault of your cleaner. Normally they will be given instructions by the company and you may have absolutely no idea of what has been said and what kind of instructions they were given. And it could very well be that your requirements were not properly explained to them before the work started.

So cut your new cleaner some slack and give them the benefit of the doubt initial and give them a few pointers during this trial and error period so they can get it done more to your liking next time.

Always ask for a written quote and receipt


When the details are squared away and finalized and you have agreed on a price, it’s absolutely vital that you have a written copy of both the quote, which should also specifically detail the agreed upon work and the price, but also a receipt either on paper or by email to show that you have paid every due period. Obviously this is best practice in all transactions but with cleaning services it’s important to have a written agreement on the work required so that they are unable to short you of work promised during the quotation period of the sale and so that you can’t abuse their agreement by claiming such. This way you ensure the best and most comprehensive and stress free domestic cleaning services.

Always remember that your cleaning company has an obligation for the agreed upon work for the agreed upon price and you have the obligation to stick to it.

Things to consider when hiring your cleaner