Everybody who is lucky enough to actually have an outdoor space or garden will probably want it looking as good as it possibly can be. And many of us would be happy to put the effort into doing it ourselves , however the problem normally lies with the fact that so many of us in this day and age find both our work and personal schedules so rammed with other slightly more important things we have to do. And when we do get a small break form out hectic schedules the last thing that most of us want to spend that free time doing is hauling around large heavy pots and carrying huge bags of soil not only making yourself exhausted in the process but also covering yourself in all manner of unspeakable matter.

However, unless you want your garden becoming a completely unmanageable jungle of overgrowth and weeds then you will at some point need to tackle the problem. However the old saying “work smarter, not harder” comes to mind and all it takes to make your gardening w0rk a lot smoother is a little rational forethought, so let’s take a look at our top 3 tips to keep your garden looking great with less effort.


So while we are following the advice of time honored sayings then let’s look at another one “Failing to plan is planning to fail” and this can stretch over literally everything in your life. However it applies to anything involving physical labor, obviously everybody knows that gardening in general is a fairly time consuming and laborious project to undertake and its of vital importance that you work as efficiently as possible in order to waste as little time as possible and obviously to do only as much physical labour as is required, and not creating extra work for yourself going over your mistakes.

So grab a notepad and a pen and sketch out a rough plan of your garden from a Birdseye view point, remember that it doesn’t exactly need to be like an architect’s blueprint, and use different coloured highlighters to property map out where it is that you want to put what. Using the different colour of highlighter as a key to be able to see exactly what is going to go where, with one colour being flowerbeds that need work, on being any paving work that you might want to do and so on. In doing so it not only helps you build up a decent idea of what needs to be done on paper, but will also help you have a clear idea in your head when it comes down to actually doing the work.


One of the major focal points of your garden whether you realized it or not is actually your lawn, and if we are being totally honest with ourselves? It’s probably one of the most neglected and overlooked parts of the garden as a whole and we aren’t surprised, after all taking care of a naturally seeded lawn and keeping it looking its absolute best at all times is a fairly huge logistical challenge that require s dedication and consistent mowing to help you achieve that striking and attractive sea of green look that you always had pictured in your head.

Luckily there are plenty of top quality lawn supplies that are specifically designed to do just that, that is of course you decide to go one better and completely overhaul your old lawn with something like an artificial or natural turf lawn that provides both great looking, practically instant result with around half of the maintenance requirements for maintenance than a regular lawn.

Try to have fun

When you are actually going about doing the work, there isn’t really anything you can do to make it more enjoyable if you have already had it set in your mind as an annoying waste of your time. Subsequently if you really hate the job you are doing it will drag and seem harder. So choose a nice, sunny day to go out there with a bottle of water, some music and most importantly your tools. If at any point it feels like you’re not getting anywhere or that you want to give up, just remember why you are doing it and think about how great your garden will look when you are complete.

Top 3 tips for managing your garden work