In today’s marketing and digital focused business environment, more and more research is being conducted into the habits of consumers and how they interact with different industries and companies in order to give said industry or company an edge in acquiring leads and generating new business in general. The results of said research have been surprising with many pieces of independent research indicating that people will make a final purchase decision not based on quality or value but how the products was described and pitched to them, and also how it was advertised, displayed and explained to them through the use of either targeted or general marketing. This gives individual companies the data and sufficient guidance on what marketing streams will create the most qualified leads and ultimately the most revenue.

Another large and important piece of research that has been conducted is into how a company itself presents its own image and how well it clicks not only with their target audience who use or may use their service or products in the future but also to those who merely see the business and what first impression your average viewer would have of your company based on your image alone. It’s been found that most customers will equate a company’s appearance directly to how they perceive their service. In short, if you look unprofessional, people will just assume you are regardless of whether you are or not. So let’s look at a few ways you can unify the appearance of your business and staff with your overall branding and marketing efforts.


Up to date logo and colour scheme

Now making sure that your company stands out from the crowd is the key here, to make your business really stick in the minds of both your customers and your general audience is a more difficult task than you may imagine, hence the amount of expensive research that has gone into it. However having a logo and colour scheme that not only unifies your business to your marketing efforts but it also can set the tone and perceived attitude of your company in the eyes of others. So when you choose the design of the logo and what colours will be applied where that you put a careful bit of consideration into the process as a whole and try to place yourself in the shoes of your customer BEFORE you go and get signs and leaflets printed.

Make sure that you view this not from a personal taste standpoint but from a professional and unbiased position where you can accurately judge it not on its aesthetic value but on its impact value to the people that see it. Remember not to make the design of your logo too overly complex and pretentious and a good saying to bear in mind for this would be” less is more”.

Get your staff behind it

Make sure that the people who not only prop your business up and keep you moving full steam ahead at all times are also in on the act as well, making up either some new uniforms or some other kind of easily visually relatable items that compliment and tie together your personnel with the company as a whole and unifying your team from a group of unrelated people sharing a space for work to a fully functioning and dynamic team who are all part of a common cause. In this respect, the uniforms can go a long way to improving morale, efficiency and overall atmosphere.

A thing that will be expected by most customers, particularly if your company is involved in the retail sector, would be a bright and friendly pin badges which not only ties in with the rest of the colours logos and designs found in the rest of the company but also clearly displays their name and their position within the organization. This not only ties your team into your branding efforts but also adds that air of clarity to the person interacting with them and makes that particular client facing worker far more approachable.


So as we have discovered its vital that your company’s marketing and branding go hand in hand with one another and that they actively work together to give you the best chance of turning that qualified lead into a sale and retaining them for the future to increase you base of loyal customers.

How to unify your branding with your business