Your teeth are extremely valuable to just about every single day that you live your life. As well as helping you to chew and eat food (not to mention hold just about anything that your hands are too full too manage) but also to help sup[port your lips not only to give structure to your face but also to assist you with speaking itself. Have you ever heard somebody with false teeth speak when they are removed? Well that is the effect of not having teeth supporting your lips. So given this why is it that more and more dentists see people who clearly have little regard for their oral hygiene and are content to let their teeth decay and become not just uncomfortable but also a major threat to other overall health.

Now granted, going to the dentist is not a very pleasant thing to do and nobody like\s a practical stanger to be putting their hands in their mouth and prodding around with metal implements, but the reason that a dentist does this is too try and help you buy exploring and getting “too the root” (pardon thye pun) of any issues that you may have been experiencing. Whether you are aware of them or not, so in this article we will go through a few ways that you and your dentist can work together in order keep your teeth healthy as a team. So lets get started with a simple one

Stop smoking!

We are sure that if you smoke then it’s not only your dentist that will be bemoaning and lamenting the habit, but you have probably heard similar advice from you doctor, your pharmacist, the television and even TV and radio breaks encourage people to explore quitting smoking for good. In the past 50 years studies have confirmed what many doctors believed to be true for many years and that is that smoking has devastating effects on almost every single part of the body, from causing furring of the arteries leading to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke to impotence in men and even to cancer of many different kind, including lung and melanoma cancers, all of this caused by smoking tobacco.

And the upshot of all 0of this on your teeth are that smoking can cause a thick layer of plaque to develop and encourages bacterial growth due to the smoke drying your teeth and mouth of saliva preventing it from killing the overgrowing bacteria and hastening the decay of your teeth. It can also have the effect of turning some kinds of mouth ulcer, which develop as a reaction too either too much bacteria in the mouth or from trauma or cuts from the teeth made by accident, into malignant tumors and growths due to the already bacteria high environment mixing with the chemicals in your mouth\ over long periods of time can cause them to turn cancerous. So listen to your dental professional next time you’re about to dismiss his advice about smoking, not only for your teeth but all of your body.

Technique wins the day

Also make sure that you aren’t lacking when you actually are taking care of your teeth and make sure that you brushing technique also lives up too standard. Generally people who are suffering from tooth decay may genuinely be the kind so people to knot brush at all but normally its due to people developing poor brushing habits over time and this extends over into adulthood. The idea is to reach every nook, cranny and surface of your mouth, with a firm but gentle movement with the brush tilted at a 45 degree angle to be move across the entire surface of the teeth.

By doing this you are ensuring that even the very top parts o your teeth that touch the gums are also getting a through clean hopefully preventing any kind of bacterial incursion under the point where the gum meets the mouth. If you are still unsure as to exactly what proper technique entails then next time you are sat at the dentist office then just ask hoi for some quick pointers and for him to assess any particular areas of interest where they think you should be focusing your brushing attention. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, for more information on where to find a dental center in Perth.





How to work with your dentist to look after your teeth